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Virtual Instruction for Pain Relief

You might ask how is this is different from the rolling I am doing now? I would think about if you are getting change in your pain, discomfort or workout recovery times with your current method of rolling. If you feel your rolling could be different or more effective, these techniques are for you.

My coaching sessions are based on a proven and effective pain relief and self care system from 20 years of study.

There are 3 keys to significant long term improvements in your pain. It involves a specialized combination of safe touch, safe movement and neurological updating.


You ask, how will we do the safe touch portion while online? We are going to use a foam roller in a safe way. I know, a foam roller and safe, doesn't seem possible, does it?

It won't be a workout, it's not going to be painful and it "will" lead to change in the quality of your tissues (fascia, muscles, tendons. ligaments).

Believe me this is what your brain wants!


We are going to get your body to move in a safe way to get you optimal range of motion. You want the highest quality of movement from your joints so they can easily move you through your day.

Just like a car needing an alignment when there is an accident or when you change to the winter tires, your body needs the same updating.

The way we are going to do it is so simple and so comfortable.

Neurological Updating

We are going to work together to get you to stop doing things that deteriorate your body and do things that heal and regenerate your tissue.

Most people are using methods and techniques for pain relief that are not effective and do not lead to sustainable change. We will use new methods and techniques to create sustainable change.

The Benefits of Online Coaching:

  • you can be in the comfort of your home
  • save on gas
  • avoid icy and dark roads
  • save up to 2 hours on travel time (average therapy sessions can take 2.5 to 3 hours out of your day)
  • flexible early morning and evening appointments
  • one on one attention

Book Your Virtual Coaching Session

Requirements for the session:

You will need a 36" x 6" EVA foam roller, a towel and a yoga mat or carpeted floor and access to a kitchen chair and a wall.

Reference on the current pain science research:

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