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About Relief Through Rolling


Relief Through Rolling is a system that brings significant and profound relief of both acute and chronic pain in a simple, pain-free way using a foam roller.

You may be thinking I use a foam roller now, why are these techniques any different than what I do now? Well, they are designed to be pain free for one and secondly they help support proper body alignment. I remember the first time it was suggested to me that I foam roll my IT band. I literally had tears running out of my eyes, it hurt so much.

Why is it important that we not have pain while using a foam roller? No pain, no gain right? Not true. Our bodies do not distinguish good from bad pain. All pain stimulates a stress response in the body. When you feel stressed are you relaxed? We cannot create a change in pain in our bodies if we are not relaxed. So it is very important to foam roll without pain to create change in our tissues.

Why is supporting body alignment while rolling important? Think about the wheels on your car. When we rotate them or change them we usually get an alignment. What if we never get an alignment? Eventually we can get uneven tire wear. If we foam roll with good alignment we are going to make a long term change to our pain and help our body move easier.

Anyone at any age can use the Relief Through Rolling techniques to relieve their pain. There are many technique modifications available for all abilities.

About the creator of Relief Through Rolling

Kevin Lucas BCSI, LMT is a Certified Advanced Structural Integrator. He was educated at the Utah College of Massage Therapy and received his Advanced Structural Integration Training at the Guild for Structural Integration. Kevin has helped clients with very severe conditions and
diseases such as Scoliosis, Parkinson’s, Kevin Lucas Dystonia, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Pain in his practice. He wanted to allow them to have more opportunity to relieve their pain between their Structural Integration sessions. When introduced to a foam roller in 2005, he had an idea to translate the Structural Integration principles into foam rolling techniques.  In 2014, Kevin created the Relief Through Rolling DVD and started teaching these techniques around the US and Canada.

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