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Sequential Heilkunst Homeopathy

What is Heilkunst?

Heilkunst the system of medicine founded by Dr. Hahnemann over 200 years ago. Heil meaning whole and kunst meaning art – Heilkunst, the art of making whole. Heilkunst is the art of making people whole on all levels – physically, emotionally and mentally.

There are three areas of health that are addressed when you are treated using Heilkunst: Regimen, Medicine and Therapeutic Education.


Is where we address imbalances due to excess and deficiency relating to diet, exercise, nutrition, supplements, sleep, hydration, relaxation, etc.


This is where we address disease proper. Disease is not simply an imbalance, but damage of our life force. To correct this damage, a substance is needed that can remove it (called cure), which is a medicine or remedy. We treat the various shocks and traumas (physical and emotional) acquired in our lifetime, the disease that has occurred due to these shocks and traumas, various inherited diseases (chronic miasms) that we were given to us from our ancestors. If you chose to go deeper, we work on false beliefs as they are one of the greatest contributors to ill health. They permeate every aspect of lives and undermine our success and drive away happiness.

The various shocks and traumas can be treated easily with homotonic remedies that match the events. The secondary disease, that has occurred due to the shocks and traumas, is called pathic disease and is a bit more involved where the symptoms need to be taken into account and the best possible remedy called a homeopathic remedy is given.

The medicine or remedies you will receive are based on the law of similars, i.e., that illness can be treated by a substance capable of producing similar symptoms to those being suffered by the patient. Only the minimum dose needed to cure the disease is given. Remedies can be plant, animal or mineral sources. Remedies are taken in an extremely dilute form – one-part remedy can be diluted with ten to thousands of times parts water.

Therapeutic Education

After the timeline shocks and traumas and chronic miasms have been treated we work on our false beliefs about ourselves and the world. We may think that no one loves us, that we are not good enough to be successful, or any of a number of false thoughts. These can easily be shown to be untrue, but they dominate our thoughts and end up shaping the nature of our world. If we think we are not worthy, we will do things (even unconsciously) to undermine our success; if we think we are not loveable, we will take actions that drive love away.

What is the difference between Heilkunst and Classical Homeopathy?

Heilkunst encompasses both the law of similars (using homotonic and homeopathic remedies) and the law of opposites as applied in the realm of regimen (diet, nutrition, exercise, dormition and hydration).

Classical Homeopathy limits treatment to presenting symptoms alone which are typically pathic disease where the origin is not known. Sequential Heilkunst Homeopathy addresses regimen to assist the healing powers of your body, then sequentially (starting in the present working our way to birth) treats all of the known disease (the shocks and traumas) from your timeline. As we work through your timeline you will feel your health restoring and feel a sense of ease and lightness. We will treat the pathic diseases that Classical Homeopaths tend to focus on as they crop up and when it makes sense. After we complete the timeline we treat for any chronic diseases (miasms) that we received genetically from our ancestors. These miasms can be turned on by the various shocks and traumas of our life.

Some areas of concern that can be treated with Heilkunst

Digestive disorders
Concussions/Head injuries
Skin afflictions
Chronic disease

What to expect with treatment

Prior to your consultation you will have been asked to fill out a health history and create a timeline of all your shocks and traumas throughout your life. At the initial consultation, which can last 1.5-2 hours, we will start with a review of your health history, your current issues and review your shocks and traumas timeline. You could be prescribed remedies based on your current issues or timeline traumas and/or any regimen modifications necessary to help with getting you back in balance which will help with overall healing. Appointments are generally booked once per month and at that time you will be ready for your next remedies. Subsequent appointments are 1 hour.

Healing reactions

A healing reaction, if one occurs, is usually experienced by the patient, on average, 10-14 days after taking the remedy. It is the body's way of working to restore balance after the remedy has expelled the blockage or trauma. The patient may experience a discharge (such as a runny nose, headache, more frequent urination, nausea, rash, aches or pains etc.).  This may last 1-3 days but will be followed by an improved state. The healing reaction is necessary for healing and is a good sign. If you do experience a healing reaction, get rest, good nutrition, lots of pure water, sun and gentle daily activity. If the healing reaction produces symptoms that are unrelated to the shock or trauma we released or if they are extreme, you can contact your practitioner and it is possible another disease has come to the surface that needs to be treated.

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