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Live your life

What does what I do; have to do with living your life? If you feel like your physical body is betraying you by taking enjoyment out of your life, I can help. The 10 series is like no other manual therapy protocol out there. The process calms the nervous system, which in turn allows the fascial tissue to open up and soften. After the facial tissue softens, the body has the space and freedom to realign.

I hear so many people say “I can’t do that anymore due to my _______ (insert body part here)” or “I am getting old and stiff”. Remember being a child and running, jumping, climbing, sitting on the floor with abandon? Our bodies were aligned and our tissues were soft, pliable and giving, allowing us to do all those marvelous movements.

Your body can be very different from what it is now. You may have had repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, car accidents, falls, surgery, high fevers, concussions or maybe even cancer or emotional trauma. All of these can change fascial tissue, making it stick together, build up and create a pull on all other tissues connected to it. All of these changes cause your body to become tighter, less flexible, painful or just not like it used to be.

By going through the 10 series I will not just work on freeing up your current issue but I work on your body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Think about how your life would change if you could do more of what you enjoyor do something you haven’t been able to do for a long time. You could live your life. You could walk further, or walk with much less or no pain. You could get down on your hands and knees, you could hike, you could wash your hair without shoulder pain. Think about how your life could change. Maybe pilates or yoga will be an option, maybe a 5km. Maybe a career change or you may feel like painting, woodworking or snowmobiling. The possibilities are endless when your body opens and realigns.

These are some words my clients have used to express their change after the 10 series: “magic”, “I can’t believe it”, “my hips don’t hurt anymore”, “I am running again with no pain”, “my knee doesn’t feel like it going to give out anymore”, “my back pain is gone”, “I am not limping as much”, “I am walking faster”, “I can mow the whole lawn now at once”. And the list goes on. Think of how their lives have changed. Maybe evenings are not spent waiting for pain meds to kick in but going swimming with their kids instead.

Live your life.

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