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Our foundation

Do you ever think about your feet and what they do for us? If you think of your body as stacked blocks – feet, legs, pelvis, torso and head – your feet are a very small block supporting the rest of the larger blocks. That’s a lot of responsibility and opportunity for things to go wrong.

Do you look at other people’s feet? Some walk with their feet pointed out and some have their feet pointed in or maybe one of each.Logo The best position for the feet while standing and walking is straight forward, all the toes should point forward. In this position the foot can work properly. Feet in any position other than forward can lead to collapsed arches, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, knee, hip and back issues. In short, nothing else in the body works properly.

Why is the forward position so important?
We have 3 arches in our feet and they only work properly if our feet are pointed straight forward. The arches spread our body weight to the weight bearing point of the sole (heel, balls, toes and outside edge of the foot).The arches act as shock absorbers with their spring like action.Logo Orthotics are used to prop up the arches in the feet to relieve pain and attempt to get the foot functional. By going through the 10 series the feet and legs start functioning as they should. If you don’t use your arches as designed you will lose them.

How is your foundation?

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